Augmented Reality: Distilling the facts from fiction

Augmented Reality: Distilling the facts from fiction

It’s time to jump aboard the hype train! No seriously, take a closer look at Augmented Reality as it promises to usher in a brand new ecosystem of everything tech.

There is a reason why tech giants are backing such innovation that seems to have marginal profitability in the near run and costs millions of dollars to create.

Why are companies so keen on investing in product that have so little to do with their revenue stream? Take for example the case of Google investing in Augmented Reality tech company Magic Leap to the tune of a cool $540 million. The tech giant is keen on buying out the pioneers of an ecosystem. Similar to when they bought Android as a defense against Microsoft dominating mobile. This move is a textbook example of eating up disruptive competition or innovation.

The development of a new ecosystem can leave existing tech redundant and often kill giants who are too complacent to see the future. Nokia (later Microsoft) being almost wiped out by Android is an example of how an ecosystem can develop around innovation.

Augmented Reality opens up the biggest canvas yet. It has applications across gaming, social, medical and advertising to name a few. The tech may still be at a rudimentary stage but no giant can afford to ignore this technology much longer.

Closer to home India is seeing its very own augmented tech revolution. Empower labs a Hyderabad based Augmented Reality gaming start up is incubating ‘Delta-T’ a game that mixes real world elements and factors into its gameplay. The theme revolves around time travel (The name is an offshoot of this concept) and is set in a future where mega corporations have run over the world and have carved up the world into warring factions. The game is affected by real world dynamics, geography, landmarks, social networks and other factors making the gameplay as immersive as possible.

Will this spark off the A/R tech revolution in India? Is Hyderabad becoming the silicon valley of the East? Well these questions are a matter of speculation best left to the experts but the future definitely seems exciting and we are waking up to smell the coffee.

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