Empower Labs is leading the AR revolution in India through gaming

Empower Labs is leading the AR revolution in India through gaming

We are at the cusp of a gaming revolution in India with tech that is redefining our concept of gaming. Augmented Reality is bringing forth interesting possibilities to capture our ‘goldfish-like’ attention spans.

Empower Labs, a Hyderabad based gaming startup, has been working on changing the DNA of the gaming industry with ‘Delta T’ their latest MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game that integrates addictive gameplay, in-depth plot lines and real-world interaction in one kick ass offering.

‘Delta T’ has an immensely enjoyable plot that sets players in a dystopian future overrun by mega corporations. These corporations, in turn, endow their players with superhuman abilities and weaponry to battle it out for global supremacy. The incorporation of real world maps into the game mean that players will have to carry out tasks in the real world to progress in the game.This knocks all claims of gaming being a sedentary obsession out of the water. ‘Delta T’ looks at spawning an alternative lifestyle, fostering gaming communities similar to those created by ‘Ingress’ and ‘Pokemon Go’ across the world.

Augmented reality tech integrates the real world of the gamer into the virtual world. It is a close cousin to virtual reality tech however instead of a completely simulated virtual world, A/R works by projecting virtual elements onto the real world. In this kind of gaming universe, the map is your alley, your street, and even your house. The technology incorporates real world factors such as GPS positioning, speed, and spatial terrain into gameplay.

The team behind Empower labs is a mix of fresh blood and seasoned veterans. Krishna Milan Rao and Karthik Chandra Isola, CEO and COO respectively, are a couple of passionate, quirky and intelligent young turks looking to change the way we look at gaming in India. They both belong to seasoned business families from Hyderabad and were chosen amongst thousands of applicants to be a part of the prestigious, Alpha Class of 2016 at the SURGE conference, Bengaluru. The duo has also presented papers at ICVAR 2016: 18th International Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality to great acclaim. They have raised $450k in seed funding and are carving themselves a niche in the augmented reality space in India.

Their tech team is led by Nelvin Joseph (CTO), an entrepreneur himself who built ‘Artin Dynamics’ a startup that delves into artificial intelligence, from the ground up. He brings his years of experience in AI (artificial Intelligence) to the world of Augmented Reality gaming at Empower labs. Their marketing team is lead by Ajay Kulkarni (CMO) a distinguished alumnus of BITS Pilani who holds MBA from SPJIMR, Mumbai with over 11 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, and Brand Development.

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