‘Delta T’ An AR MMO game that gives players free will

‘Delta T’ An AR MMO game that gives players free will

When we started to incubate the idea of ‘Delta-T’, we knew we had to have a compelling narrative. We wanted to set it apart from the thousands of games that hit the market every other day.

Blending the concept of time travel, dystopian future, and modern warfare was definitely a heady task to take on. We knew we had struck a goldmine with the gaming universe when the teaser video racked up close to 3million views in less than a month. As the gods would have it inspiration struck and we found ourselves taking baby steps in the right direction.

With such a huge undertaking, there had to be something different about the form of the narrative. We decided that Augmented Reality would be the best way to really explore the gameverse we had in our minds. We also knew that if we were to be fair to our players we would have to do something drastically different. We decided that to truly set ourselves apart we had to give our gamers ‘free will’. In ‘Delta T’ the players are not running around jumping hoops along a pre-destined path. The game is responsive and has been programmed for an endless array of permutations for storytelling. Every step taken by the player changes the games map and in turn their experience.

We decided that to truly do justice to the theme we had to shift our narrative process from the linear to a web. There has to be a web of possibilities surrounding every player and every step across this web would help the gamer decide his own future. We let the gamer decide if he wants to be a networker or alone wolf. We left it to the gamer if he wants to be traveler across the game verse or a defender of his own fortress and territory.

This ‘free will’ is what makes Delta-T’ so exciting. The players decisions, his travelling habits, his social networks all factor into the game making it a unique experience for every player. No two players will follow the exact same path in the game making it a truly revolutionary way of telling a story. The premise of a dystopian future with mega corporations ruling the roost gave us a creative leeway to our story. We aren’t shackled by a right and wrong. Similar to real life the game operates in shades of grey, the struggle for power is what destines the future of the faction. The only axiom in the game is that ‘The future favours the brave’.

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  • Lupita Posted 17/09/2016 7:41 AM

    Thank you for the effort, keep up the great work Great work.

  • snygga skjortor herr Posted 18/09/2016 2:22 AM

    You’re a master with the camera for sure.

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