The scary yet exciting journey of building DeltaT

The scary yet exciting journey of building DeltaT

What goes on behind the scenes of DeltaT?

Developing a game as complex as ‘DeltaT’ is as much a feat as producing a Hollywood blockbuster. When we set out to make India’s first Augmented Reality MMORPG, we knew that the going would be tough. The major competitor in the market Ingress, made by Niantic, had the backing of Google (Now Alphabet) and had major deep pockets.

‘DeltaT’ was more of an Indie proposition, but we had a passionate team and some major hustle in our arsenal. The team behind ‘DeltaT’ Krishna Milan Rao, Karthik Isola, and Nelvin hashed out the basics of the plotline over a month of brainstorming from the head office in Hyderabad. The stage (Storyboard) was set but endless hours of research followed, as we wanted to keep the game as grounded in reality as possible.

The story was based in a futuristic setting with four Megacorporations that have overrun the world in a not so distant reality. Every Megacorp was based on an existing branch of tech and the plot revolved around how each of these Megacorps looked to avert the impending apocalypse using their own brand of tech.

The game plays out in the present day, the Megacorps are yet to gain critical momentum and are just ideas in the minds of their founders. ‘Time travel’ is another major concept in the game and it links the present day to the fate of the four Megacorporations. Each of the Megacorps is recruiting agents in the present to eliminate the timelines of rival agents so that the future is altered forever by the ‘Butterfly effect’.

The concepts were hashed out from their raw form and we got onto the drawing board to see how it could be visually represented. Our design team got to work and we saw a few brilliant concepts that we could execute. Being a mobile game every screen had to be compact and every visual element had to tell the backstory and convey functionality in the most compact way possible.

Here is a look at some of the artwork that has been developed for the game from the characterization of the Megacorp CEOs to the concepts for ‘badges’ that generate weapons within the game.

Sneak peek of the badges earned by players

Game mechanics 2

Concept artwork for the Megacorp CEOs at different stages of their evolution

Alien CEO WIP sheet-min

Artwork for Allen Maverick (Cosmostellar Megacorp)


Machine CEO WIP sheet-min

Artwork for Cris Russel (Humanoid Megacorp)


Concept art for Natasha Roy (Gene X)

Concept art for Natasha Roy (Gene X)


Concept art for Takashi Noma (C60 Labs)

Concept art for Takashi Noma (C60 Labs)


Stay tuned for more updates on the DeltaT gameverse.

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