Show don’t tell: Why Augmented Reality is branding gold!

Show don’t tell: Why Augmented Reality is branding gold!

Augmented Reality is the perfect tool to craft #Brandstories

The simple axiom that was taught to us in kindergarten holds true for branding today. Augmented Reality apps and platforms offer brands the ability to get consumers to engage with brands in ways that were previously impossible. The storytelling possibilities are infinite when it comes to AR as it allows brands to take consumers into an interactive world.

One of the biggest successes when it comes to AR has come in the way of Snapchat that uses its filters to create amazing branded content that appeals to millennials and also the runaway hit Pokémon Go. Here we look at the ways brands used AR in ingenious ways and mixed fun with branding.

1.The X-Men takeover

X-Men apocalypse took over Snapchat with their ambitious buyout of all the Snapchat lenses. The lenses were replaced with X-Men themed masks of favourite characters from the franchise including Storm, Cyplops, Professor X and others. Snapchat also integrated a direct ticketing option so that they could buy tickets to the movie while still in the app. The promotion was for a limited period only but 20th Century Fox made a mark with their efficient use of the platform.

Augmented reality branding

Image courtesy: CNN Money

2.Cadbury hits the sweet spot

The user base of Snapchat is what makes it so valuable to brands. According to reports by Digiday close to 55 million out of the 100 million active users of Snapchat are in the 16- 24 range. This must have factored into Cadburys decision to spend close to half its digital budget on Snapchat in an effort to drive sales of its chocolate treats. The brand morphed the faces of users into golden disco balls, gave them ‘golden lips’ in an effort to get millennials hooked to the ‘Friday feeling’ which was the tagline of the campaign

Augmented reality branding

Image Courtesy: Contently 

3.Pokemon Go brings users to you!

Reports by Gizmodo suggest that Pokemon Go may have tied up with Mc Donalds for in-game branding. John Hanke (CEO of Niantic) has already declared that the game will pursue partnerships with brands for ‘Sponsored locations’ similar to their earlier collaborations with Jamba Juice for Ingress. This model of AR branding could be unprecedented as it brings users to actual locations making it channel for direct conversions.

Augmented reality branding


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