Fan​ ​Content​ ​Policy

Fan Content Policy:

We at Empower Labs are big on community! We love that you are so enthusiastic about the games we make and are all for the use of our in-game assets to make cool art. However, we do need to protect our intellectual property (IP) to ensure that it is not used in any manner that is exploitative. This Fan Content Policy outlines your use of any of Empower Lab’s copyrights and trademarks, this includes in-game assets, creatives, videos, marketing material, physical goods and the like shared by us for fan content creation.

Permitted Fan Content:

Empower Labs assets must be used to create, display, discuss and distribute information on our brands. You are not permitted to create new games or products based on our assets without prior approval from us. Permitted Fan Content includes non-commercial fan-generated online guides and guide apps, fan pages and gameplay videos as long as they follow this Policy.

Be non-commercial:

You are not permitted to charge a fee of any kind (including in-app functionalities) from customers or visitors to your Fan Content, unless this has expressly been approved by Empower Labs. You may, however, generally monetize your Fan Content by using advertisements. If you use ads, they must comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and developer policies.

Respect our brand:

Empower Labs assets may not be used to create any content that harms our brand in any way by (i)promoting hacks or cheats, sexually suggestive materials, violence, discrimination or illegal activities (ii) promoting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pornography,  weapons, gambling, or companies or services that act contrary to our interests, (iii) making disparaging, libellous or dishonest statements about us and/or its products, employees, and agents

Content Distribution:

We want fans to create and share their projects with each other, and we want to remove barriers to sharing. If we notice a fan project we really like we may post it on our social pages or use it for marketing/promotional purposes without any compensation or obligation to the creator. By making fan content using our assets you agree that we and any other member of the community can use, copy, modify, distribute, and make derivative works of your Project without seeking your approval.

Use Disclaimers:

We do not endorse or take any liability for the content that fans create. Do include the following notice in any use of Empower Labs assets: “This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Empower Labs and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Empower Labs or anyone officially involved in producing or managing their games.”

Note: We reserve the right to determine what type of Fan Content we are OK with and may revoke the limited use license in this Policy at any time and for any reason. We may modify this policy at any time.

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